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We take on big cases and cases that are meaningful to us.


Above all, we aim to do good work.

About Us

Early career successes inspired us to form a law firm that maximizes our strengths. Our independence and efficiency make us nimble and give us flexibility in the cases we take. We take on big cases and cases that are meaningful to us. 

We accept risk.  We are open to creative fee arrangements—our success often depends on our client's success. 

Our practice is diverse by choice. We enjoy working with new clients and other lawyers and welcome referrals. Please check out our practice areas and contact us for references.

Above all, we aim to do good work with integrity to our client, the court, our profession, and our communities. We don’t oversell. We believe people who know us will want to work with us.

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Alysson Mills

Kristen Amond

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