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Judge Morgan, Amond teach at LSU Law's Apprenticeship Week

United States District Judge Susie Morgan and Kristen returned to their alma mater to teach Making Your Case. What Makes Judges Read and Hear What Lawyers Say at LSU Law's Apprenticeship Week. Apprenticeship Week is a one-week program for LSU Law upperclass students aimed at providing students with tailored, task-oriented training not generally available in law school courses and usually available only through actual practice experience.

The course focused on how to get and keep a trial judge’s attention through effective written and oral advocacy. Students took a deep dive into a "hypothetical" case, learned the differences between motions to dismiss and motions for summary judgment, and drafted briefs in support of or opposing a motion for summary judgment. At the end of the week, students argued their positions before Judge Morgan (Kristen returned to her role as Judge Morgan's clerk for the arguments).

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