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Practice Areas


We have represented clients in the U.S. Supreme Court, several federal courts of appeals, and the supreme courts for the states of Louisiana and Mississippi.  We author and file amicus briefs in appeals of public import.


We represent creditors in bankruptcy proceedings and bankruptcy-attendant litigation, including directors and officers litigation and fraudulent transfer litigation.

Business Disputes

We represent small and big businesses in the negotiation and, if necessary, arbitration or litigation of business disputes.  

Civil Rights

We are proud of our civil rights work on behalf of plaintiffs seeking to vindicate important constitutional rights and rights protected by federal law.


We have represented national clients in the defense of copyright lawsuits.


We represent criminal defendants in federal prosecutions and habeas, or post-conviction, proceedings.


We are advocates for public education and advise New Orleans charter schools.

First Amendment

We represent clients of all backgrounds, including local and national news media, in cases implicating the First Amendment.  We teach First Amendment and media law at Tulane University. 

Franchise Disputes

We represent franchisees and other interested parties in lawsuits against some of the nation’s biggest franchisors.

Lease Disputes

We represent commercial landlords and commercial tenants in the negotiation and, if necessary, arbitration or litigation of lease disputes.

Pro Bono

We volunteer our professional time to causes that are important to us, many of them high-profile.  As members of the Eastern District of Louisiana’s civil legal pro bono panel, we regularly represent indigent parties in federal court.  


We are the receiver in a case filed by the Securities and Exchange Commission against the perpetrators of the largest Ponzi scheme in the state of Mississippi. For the order of appointment, click here.  For information including court filings and press reports, visit

Securities Fraud

We represent plaintiffs in securities fraud cases.  

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